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Welcome to The Stilettos!!

Thank you for stopping in to see The Stilettos! (Hope ya wore your dancin' shoes.)

"DANCE is to PARTY as PARTY is to DANCE!!" 

Thank you so very much for helping us get to #1 on!
We are astonished at the wonderful support given to us right from the very beginning. It is very flattering indeed.
It is entirely our honour to be able to perform for you each and every night  and have so much fun doing it. 
Our fans are absolutely the best!

Silvie Dagger has soul to spare!
A voice that will get your hair standing on end,
with passion that will touch your heart
and enough energy to set a volcano in motion!

Patsy Cline? Done divinely!
Aretha Franklin? In a heartbeat!
Annie Lennox? Like she's right before you!
Katy Perry? Sounds soooo good!
Gloria Gaynor? Who's Gloria Gaynor? Come on out, we'll show ya who!!
Put on yer dancin' shoes... we'll have some kinda fun!

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